Blogging with Jekyll is awesome

So, I am a nerd and I like nerdy staff. That means that when I decided to start writing a tech blog, I wanted to do it my way. Ideally, I would like to open up a terminal, open my favourite editor ViM, write a blog post and publish it in a minimal blog. I wouldn’t prefer fancy layouts and high level dashboards.

Also I like the sofistication of Markdown. So I started to organise a directory in my computer, writing posts in markdown files, organise a naming system for my files and writing a simple bash script to compile this markdown files into html pages with pandoc. And then I discovered Jekyll that does exactly the same thing! Moreover, Github hosts my site for free. I can write a post in markdown, commit my file, and then push it in a remote git repository. And after a second a new post appears in the blog. How awesome is that?

As I said, I like small, neat, nerdy staff.