How to include LaTeX fonts in figures

There are multiple tools that can be used in order to draw figures to be included in a LaTeX document like ipe or LaTeXDraw. Despite that most of these tools can incorporate LaTeX code into the figure, they ignore the configuration of your document, like the fonts, font size etc. Furthermore, I do not like to be restricted from one editor in order to draw a figure for LaTeX documents as I have figures produced by different editors. In general, I like to use a generic editor for most of my drawings, like Inkscape.

For this purpose, I find useful the psfrag package with which someone can replace the text within an EPS figure with LaTeX code:


This way you can include an EPS file that has been produced by any arbirtrary editor inside your LaTeX document. However, the limitation of this package is that you have to use latex and not pdflatex for your documents. If your document is heavily depended on pdflatex (e.g. it uses packages that work only with pdflatex) a solution is to produce a PDF output of the figure outside your document and then to include it in your document.

In my workflow I use a bash script similar to this for producing the document:

latex main.tex && \
dvips main.dvi && \
ps2pdf && \
gnome-open main.pdf